What Is a Pico Tank? – Confused About The Different Sizes Of Reef Aquarium Kits?

Article by Marian Fisher

Fish have always been popular as pets going back as far as ancient Rome. The standard fresh water aquarium is a common sight in many households, salt water aquariums have become more popular too, and the reef aquariums can always be found with enthusiasts. Lately reef aquariums manufacturers have been working on more types and sizes to attract more customers. Some of these newer tanks are as small as 2.5 gallons and can fit on top of a desk.

The smallest reef tank kit available is a pico reef. These reef aquariums are smaller than 2.5 gallons. These tank are often too small to have even one fish, so it is only for those who want to keep small coral reefs. They are also very difficult to keep due to the small amount of water. Reef tanks require a very specific water chemistry and the size of these tanks means even a tiny mistake can become hazardous for your reef.

The next size tank kit is the nano reef. There is a bit of a disagreement about the size of them, some hobbyists say that any tank under 40 gallons is a nano tank while others say it is under 30 gallons. The majority of the hobbyists say are in the under 30 group so that’s what will be listed here. These nano reef tanks are one reason reef aquariums are becoming more popular. These tanks are often cheaper to get started with and the smaller size makes it easier to take care of them. These tanks are small but not so small that you couldn’t have a few fish as well as your reef.

Next up is the full size reef tank. These tanks actually vary in size from 34 gallons and up. It is harder to find kits for these size tanks, but it is possible. One such kit is the Red Sea Max 130. It is a 34 gallon tank and it comes with the mechanical parts needed to get started. If you wanted to buy everything at once, you would have to purchase the Red Sea Max 130 starter kit separately. It includes the reef base and chemicals needed to balance the water chemistry of your tank.

There are many choices to make when you first decide to start a reef aquarium, tank size is just one of them. Once you decided on a size though, you can get started almost immediately by purchasing a reef aquarium kit.

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