Tropical Fish Lovers – If You’re Gonna Have a Saltwater Aquarium, Do It Right!

Article by Tammy Gardner

Not just any goober can be a successful and savvy aquarist. This is a hobby for real men, and in some cases women. Having said that, it is truly one of the most rewarding hobbies around. Saltwater aquariums are known for their therapeutic effect on everyone that sees them, and there are few things more gratifying than creating a “mini ocean” in your home.Although a successful saltwater aquarium includes many different parts – saltwater fish, of course, or if you prefer a reef aquarium you may only have a variety of rare coral, live rock which literally grows a harvest of healthy bacteria and miniature creatures that keep your ocean balanced, live sand which absorbs toxins from your crystal clear water, and of course a cleaning crew of invertebrates. But the “piece de resistance” – the component of your saltwater aquarium system that is the lifeblood of it’s inhabitants, and the key to your success, is the aquarium’s lighting. Although you can certainly get started with whatever aquarium lighting comes with your saltwater aquarium tank, later you will want to know how lighting choices can enhance your saltwater aquarium experience. Luckily for you, huge strides have been made in aquarium lighting recently. While LED aquarium lighting has long been popular for nighttime aquarium lighting, they have recently become the best choice for daytime lighting also. One main reason is that it takes less capacity to run an LED light, and as a result the savings can be as high as 70%! They have a longer operational life and give your tank a huge advantage when it comes to overheating. Ai Sol Led Lighting is one of the hottest selling LEDs on the market. Each LED can be dimmed or brightened separately from the others, and does cloud cover and thunderstorms.Ecotech Radion Led Lighting is brand new to the market but they’ve added a green and red LED for a better light spectrum. They also work with their wireless pumps to make a full thunderstorm or calming reef tank. Check out Aquatic Dreams for these awesome lighting systems as well as Controllable Led lighting fixtures, Vertex Illumations Led lighting, and Aqua Illumations Led lighting.Of course, LED’s are not the only choice for your aquarium – there’s also metal halide and florescent T-5’s. Learning a little about each of them can help you decide which type is best for you. Saltwater aquarium lighting is a broad subject and any decision should be accompanied by research. A great way to get started is to talk to the crew at your local fish store. Aquatic Dreams in Layton, Utah has a crew of helpful guys that regularly answer questions for people all the way from Los Angeles, California to Chicago, Illinois.

Tammy Gardner is a freelance writer with a wide variety of industry experience who enjoys researching and sharing her findings with others.

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