The Many Types of Betta Fish

Article by Jason Andrews

Betta fish come from many different locations, and have a variety pigments and tail designs. The most well known species are the Betta Splendens, Betta Bellica, Betta Coccina, and Betta Picta.

Betta SplendensThese fish originally came from Thailand, fully grown are around 3+ inches, and typically survive around three years. They will fight and kill any other males, and have been known to destroy their babies.

Betta Bellica – Malaysian Fighting FishThese species of Betta were first found in Malaysia. They are unique in appearance, bigger and sturdier than all other species. The males are much larger than the females, and both the male and female will have a heart looking back fin. Malaysian Fighting Fish are ok not submerged in the water. They will sometimes jump out of the water when eating, and even rest on top of flora above of the water.

Sumatra Fighting FishBetta Coccina originate from Sumatra. They are beautiful fish, usually colored red or brown with vivid blue eyes. They are the most diminutive of all species. Males and females are relatively skinny and are about of similar height.

Betta PictaSpotted Bettas are the least aggressive Betta fish, and are easy to breed. They also are not as brightly colored as other types of Bettas, and are therefore also not extremely seen often in pet shops. Typically females can live together, but with this unique type of Betta, it is wise to keep them apart because the female will sometimes fight over the males. Make sure to read the Betta Fish Reproduction Post.

The Variety of ColorsIn their natural habitat, bettas usually only display vivid coloration when upset and females generally have lighter pigmentation than male fish. Despite this, betta fish breeders have had success in creating vivid coloration stay for both the male and female all the time, not simply when angry. Several of the colors that are available include red, blue, turquoise, orange, yellow, green, bright blue, royal blue, apricot, peach, white, and albino. There are one colored betta fish, and some types of bettas are even multi-colored. Despite this aggression, they can be a very partner for other Tank Mates for Bettas.

Betta Fish TailsBetta fish tail types are an additional unique marker of the species. The most commonly seen, and cheapest is the Veil tail. On the other end of the spectrum, the halfmoon Betta fish is the rarest of Bettas. The halfmoon Betta’s tail fin spreads out into a full half circle, and is incredible to observe.

There are a wide range of additional tail kinds including the delta, super delta, fan, spade, pin, double and crown.

Jason Andrews is a Betta Fish enthusiast who has collected and bred Bettas for over 20 years. He currently is caring for several different varieties, and is attempting to breed the perfect halfmoon Betta. Make sure to read his blog for information on Betta Fish Mating and the best ways to care for your Betta.

He is proud to have several Tank Mates for Betta Fish in his tank.

In his spare time, Jason is writing a book on how to care for and breed Bettas. To read about his exploits, make sure to click on the above links.

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