The best way to Setup Your Discus Fish Aquarium

Article by Anton Jones

Owning your own Discus aquarium really is an enjoyable and extremely rewarding experience. However before installing an aquarium you have to keep in mind that discus are quite sensitive to their environment, hence good aquarium installation is very important.

Discus fish are a much loved pet for a lot of enthusiasts due to their peaceful natures. Because of this, these are one of the most cherished fish by both grownups and kids. Not like other dull, timid tropical fish, Discus will often interact with their owner. They have got the ability to recognize their owners and additionally interact with them, once their owner approaches the tank the Discus fish will dash to meet them. This breed of fish enjoys observing what’s taking place in their surroundings and occasionally sitting back and watching Television.

Building your Discus fish aquarium

A Discus aquarium should not be difficult to put together. There are a number of step-by-step tutorials available on the web that you can use as a reference.

Picking out a Discus aquarium is a very important factor of Discus care, be sure you select a large, roomy aquarium. Never place your Discus inside a fish bowl. Due to the fact that these fish tend to be very energetic, you may want them to be able to move around a bit better. They have to have additional room thus be sure you purchase a big enough tank for the fish. The smallest size Discus tank is roughly Fity five gallons, this is sufficient for up to 6 Discus fish.

The most suitable surroundings for Discus or any type of tropical fish is warm, a little acidic water, plants of different types, varied rocks and caves. When possible, duplicate their natural habitat as best you can, to ensure your Discus should live contentedly within its tank. Regulate the PH of their water so it’s of a similar softness as their natural water (PH 6-7).

In addition, be sure that the water is free of toxins and chemicals. A large number of locations in the states add varied levels of chloramines into their tap water. Discus fish tank water really need low levels of chloramines (ammonia and chlorine). So Test and treat the water first when pouring it in the tank.

Regulate the temperature in the tank as well, the recommended water temperature for your Discus aquarium is 84 to 86 F (or 26 to 31 C).You might elect to decorate your Discus aquarium by using plants or even leave it bare bottom. Certain owners favor bare bottom. A bare bottom fish tank is much easier to scrub, since there is no gravel, you never need to bother about getting at crumbs of meals stuck inside the rocks. This also prevents your Discus hiding behind stones and plants. Should you’re breeding Discus fish, you might choose a bare bottom fish tank; which is the most popular choice for Discus fish breeders as it is easier to maintain optimum circumstances for your fish, without being concerned about the plant life.

A bare bottom tank only has an air stone or power head, that allows water circulation. A sponge filter can be set up for biological purification. This will be an inexpensive installation as opposed to a planted aquarium. All the same, your Discus fish tank won’t be as eye-catching.

At the end of the day, Discus care has not got to be too expensive. you will be able to get going by having a bare bottom aquarium. After that, start adding in a couple of accessories, plant, rocks and toy, just remember to obtain some decorations or plants this will mean that the Discus fish have a way to hide, this will be very important to keep your prized Discus fish healthy.

A lot of folks end up making blunders whenever setting-up a discus aquarium , so why not educate yourself on the best way by reading through an excellent article on discus aquarium set-up.

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