The Amazing World of Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay

Article by Mary

Sometimes in the rush of everyday life especially in the city, the only time that you have for your kids is taking them and picking them up from school. In between, work gets in the way. A holiday in Newquay would just be the perfect time to focus your attention on your kids. Visiting Newquay attractions and doing exciting activities together would give you the chance to spend some great quality time with them.

The Blue Reef Aquarium is one of the leading aquariums in the UK and one of the Newquay attractions that your kids will truly love. This aquarium has been designed not only to show you the rich life under the sea but also to make you understand and appreciate the wonders of the underwater world. These aquariums will make you understand why it is so important to look after these beautiful and amazing creatures. Here are some of the 40 natural themed habitats and attractions that you can find at Blue Reef.

Under Water Tunnel

The main attraction of the Blue Reef Aquarium is the main attraction of the aquarium and is the main reason you must not fail to visit the best among the popular Newquay attractions. It is a recreation of an amazing coral reef that is home to exotic creatures like puffer fish, wrasse, angelfish and other vibrantly coloured species that live in the reef. You will also see sharks such as the graceful black tip reef shark, rays, lionfish and moray eels. Get up close to these amazing creatures as you are inside the spectacular walkthrough tunnel that runs through the heart of the aquarium.

Turtle Creek

At Turtle Creek, you get the chance to see how the turtles live. Housed here are some strange Mata Mata turtles from Brazil, endangered pig-nosed Australian turtles and rescued mud turtles. Blue Reef has been recognized internationally for the rescue and rehabilitation work on stranded sea turtles. They have already released nine sea turtles back to sea. There are interactive displays and Blue reef aquarists narration about the rescue efforts.


Just like in the real world, there are also battles in the underwater world where only the smartest and strongest will survive. You will see some of the dangerous and strange creatures lurking in the ocean like stinging jellyfish, the poisonous lionfish and the amazing giant pacific octopus. You can watch how the predators use camouflage and then attack their victims at high speed. You can also watch the lifecycle and the hunting abilities of the jellyfish.

Amazing Octopus

The reason why the octopus has always been amazing and terrifying is that they are very intelligent creatures who have the ability to change to different shapes and colours. The octopus has three hearts, blue blood and the ability to solve complex puzzles and go through tests of memory. You can watch an octopus at Blue Reef unscrew jam jars and get the food inside. You can also watch the octopus cousins, the squid, cuttlefish and nautilus in this exhibition that is a compelling reason you must visit Blue Reef Aquariums, one of the best Newquay attractions .

Local Species

Right in the Cornish waters are the richest and most diverse habitats. At the Local Species exhibition at Blue Reef, you can learn more about the British seahorse, sharks and other creatures like the pipefish, cuckoo wrasse, sea bream, bass and walking gurnards.