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Benefits of Live Coral

If you are looking into getting a saltwater fish tank, you should look into what kind you need for your home or office. To start, live coral is very important to have in your saltwater fish tank. Live coral aquariums are great for coral frays because they keep the fish happy and healthy. When it comes to getting and caring for your fish and live coral, you should know that in order to fasten the frays to the live coral, you can use “Hold Fast”. This is helpful and if you don’t know what it is just epoxy that is kind of like to other sorts of epoxy used for piping and such.

It is helpful because the glue will quickly be unkempt by coralline seaweed or the live coral will also grow over it. It is additionally helpful to know that live coral are leaving the ocean’s ordinary reefs. When you are looking into live coral, it is important to think about the fact that there have been several studies on the payback of live coral. It is good to know that the literature on this live coral has shown that there are some suitable details underneath the use of live coral for illness and a way to use it to get rid of imminent medical issues. This means that they are good for your aquarium and the fish in your salt water aquarium such as damselfish.

These fish are the most popular saltwater starter fish and their status arises from their bright colors and cheap price of this sort of salt water fish. These damselfish are very attractive to new hobbyists but its important to know that the downside is their aggressive behavior towards other fish in the aquarium. Some people are not aware that the least aggressive damselfish and one of the most colorful is the yellow tailed damselfish. This type of fish is bright blue with a striking yellow tail and it enjoys live coral as well.

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Popular Live Cultured Corals for Reef Enthusiasts

Article by Groshan Fabiola

There are so many different live cultured corals to choose from, each with their own unique colors and movements; many aquarium owners find that they don’t even need saltwater fish to create a lively underwater reef environment. It is common for marine hobbyists to start with echinopora corals such as the Echinopora Chalice Four Piece Frag Set, which includes a combination of frags that are all about one inch in size. Echinophyllia corals, which are a newly discovered genus in the reef aquarium hobby, have become another popular choice for saltwater enthusiasts. These and other corals are so complex and aesthetically appealing that many people aren’t even inclined to buy saltwater fish to liven up their aquariums.

Echinopora corals are extremely popular in the reef aquarium hobby because they are typically very easy to maintain as long as there is moderate lighting and moderate water flow. These live cultured corals thrive in a variety of lighting conditions, such as fluorescent bulbs and MH bulbs. People like these because they are fun to watch in the tank and they grow and change into different colors over extended periods of time. Hobbyists often watch their echinopora chalice grow into wildly colorful morphs, making for an even more interesting experience.

Echinophyllia corals have quickly found a fan base in the reef aquarium hobby world even though this genus was only recently discovered. And in that short period of time, Echinophyllia aspera has become the most common member of the genus. These corals are so well received because they come in bright colors such as red, pink and green, and they are good for beginners due to a slow growth rate, easy-medium level of maintenance and a medium level of hardiness. Echinophyllia can sometimes produce sweeper tentacles, however, and they are capable of a significant degree of chemical aggression towards nearby corals.

The variety of live cultured corals on the market is so extensive that it would be difficult to list all the possibilities in one place. The Echinopora and Echinophyllia are two popular genera, but there are many other choices each with their own unique benefits and drawbacks. The wide selection of options is just one more reason to consider a reef aquarium that relies solely on corals rather than saltwater fish.

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Live Coral for Beginners

Article by Groshan Fabiola

It’s possible to maintain a beautiful reef aquarium with nothing but live coral; you really don’t need fish to create a colorful and lively environment. Before you start looking at all the live coral for sale, though, it’s important to learn a few things about this fascinating animal and find out which varieties are better for beginners. It’s also good to learn about the species of saltwater fish such as the Golden Butterfly that are known to nip at sessile invertebrates including coral and tridacnid clams. There is no reason you can’t combine fish and coral but you must know which varieties are compatible with one another before putting them together.

If you’re looking at live coral for sale and this is your first time setting up a reef aquarium, it would be wise to consider breeds such as the Bubble Coral, Soft Corals and Green Star Polyps, because they are easier to maintain for a beginner. Bubble Coral is a large polyped stony coral that comes in white, tan and green, and it is a good variety for a beginner because it is easy to care for, will eat solid foods and will tolerate lower light levels. Soft Corals include many types of live coral that are ideal for beginners because they grow fast and are easy to care for in medium light settings. Green Star Polyps, which are an exotic shade of neon green, will grow fast and thrive in almost any type of aquarium system as long as there is good water flow to keep dirt and debris away.

Once you figure out what kind of live coral you want for your aquarium, then you can decide whether you also want to add fish or if you just want to stick with corals. Some species of fish such as Golden Butterfly require large amounts of live rock for grazing and are known to nip at sessile invertebrates including coral, so they might not be a good idea if you want your corals to thrive. But for every fish that is not compatible with coral there are several other varieties that are perfect when paired with live corals in the home aquarium.

Basically, you just want to get some advice from the experts before taking home any fish or coral. This will help avoid disasters and disappointments down the road.

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