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4 Important Pet Supplies When Setting Up a 10 Gallon Fish Tank

Article by Rose Rykowsky

A 10 gallon fish tank may seem easy to maintain because it is small. That could be true if you have the necessary equipment. On the other hand, it is actually more difficult to maintain a 10 gallon fish tank than a 50 gallon fish tank because of the amount of water. The less the amount of water, the faster the chemical levels in the water can change. However, you can only keep one 10-inch fish, or two 5-inch fish in a 10 gallon fish tank. Yes, as a rule of thumb, there should be a gallon per inch of fish. So if you are looking forward to having tetras, a dwarf puffer fish, or a bettas, then a 10 gallon fish tank is just for you. Here are the pet supplies you are going to need for your new fish tank:

1. Filter System – this is one of the most important equipment you will need for your 10 gallon fish tank. Without a filter system, you will need to replace the water and clean the aquarium if not daily, every other day. A filter system includes a pump and filters. A small filter system that filters about 80 gallons per hour is good enough for a 10 gallon fish tank.

2. Heating System- Different fish species require different ambient temperatures. It is easy to maintain the water temperature of a 10 gallon fish tank with a small heater. You will need an aquarium thermometer so you can easily manage the water temperature. You also have to be aware about where you are going to place the tank. Avoid placing in under direct sunlight because it can drastically change the water around noon. It’s best to find a spot in your house where the temperature stays the same throughout the day.

3. Lighting System – enjoy your fish even at night by having a light system. Plants and fish require light system to live like other animals.

4. Decoration – you pet fish will be living in your aquarium for many years. It’s best to try to create an aquarium that will make your fish feel at home. Some gravel, plants, coral reefs, and other aquarium decoration will make your pet fish feel at home and it possibly help it live longer.

Taking care of fish in a aquarium is very low maintenance if you have all the pet supplies you need. So long as the filters keep the water clean and clear, you will only have to replace the water and clean the aquarium once a week. So be sure you have everything ready before you put your new companion in its new home.

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It Is Important To Know How to set up a saltwater aquarium

Article by Al Scotts

Exquisite Reef Aquariums Featuing Tunze osmolator Pumps

The main element to beautiful and long lasting saltwater aquariums is the purchase of quality tunze pumps. Coral reefs are living, breathing wildlife which are similar to fish because the water in which they dwell supplies the much needed oxygen they need to thrive. The pumps sustain good water flow, filtration and help to reduce the look of algae expansion.

The pumps have several unique models to pick from and each model indicates a particular size. Bigger pumps associated with charcoal filled filters are perfect for larger aquariums but a small pump is sufficient for tanks that are no bigger than twenty gallons.

Generally, tunze pumps are sold anywhere that specializes in underwater life and especially those who concentrate on salt water fish and corals. Coral reefs and salt water fish can exist together nicely with a good reverse osmosis filtration system and habitual tank cleaning. It is suggested to replace at least 25 percent of the water each month which will decrease nitrate growth .

Many coral reef owners use the pumps to simulate waves in the ocean which also assist the corals to thrive in harmony. What typically starts out as an interesting activity for some people, swiftly turns into a passion for them and so they are constantly in search of top quality solutions to advance up to bigger and better tanks.

Coral reef aquarium owners advise tunze pumps because of their high quality and craftsmanship. Whilst a huge pump isn’t needed for a smaller tank, a fairly good size pump is recommended in the beginning to defend against any nitrate progress which could kill fish and reefs.

Nitrates are the final point of bacteria that is a result of weakened ammonia inside the aquarium. The ammonia emanates from fish waste and uneaten food that’s left to sit in the fish tank thus making the life cycle of the nitrates. Although a good pump will not stop this from occurring completely, it will maintain good water and oxygen flow that will help lessen the speed of development in between fish tank cleanings.

Good quality tunze pumps can be bought from almost any pet store, particularly those who specialize in salt water marine life. The pumps are fairly priced and reliable, providing much needed positive water circulation and oxygen movement. Coupled with sand and gravel at the base of the tank and a good charcoal filled filter, the pumps can last considerably longer than other tank pumps.

Starting out small and working your way up to 250 gallon tanks is recommended from the throngs of people that find coral reef aquariums to be a wonderful pastime and passion. As long as there is positive oxygen flow along with a good amount of water motion, any coral reef can flourish together with other salt water or even fresh water fish and marine life. Always remember the smaller the fish tank, the smaller the pump and your reefs to sustain extended healthy lives.

Bulk Reef Supply provides high quality bulk saltwater aquarium supplies at affordable prices, in addition it is a great resource on how to set up a saltwater aquarium. For saltwater aquarium supplies such as an tunze nanostream, calcium reactor and more, visit BulkReefSupply.com.

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The Most Important Aspect of Your Reef Aquarium is Lighting

Article by Marian Fisher

The proper lighting for a reef aquarium remains the most critical issue of maintaining and having a successful tank that will provide life for all aspects of the environment. The proper light intensity is needed for reef corals to live and grow. The photosynthesis levels of the tank is crucial for your coral to live. Your goal is to have your reef inhabitants use an almost natural lighting environment. You must have the right timed light exposure and the proper intensity as well as light spectrum if you are to be successful with your aquarium. This will provide your reef creatures with the greatest chance to grow and flourish.

For a reef aquarium lighting is expressed in watts per gallon. This is simply the amount of light power that is dissipated over the aquarium tank. For low light corals, the lighting should be between four and six watts per gallon of water. Light loving reefs should be bathed with ten watts of light per gallon because they require a higher light intensity.

If you want your reef life to get the proper lighting you should use a multiple light system with timer controls to vary the number of light and the intensity of light they will receive. This will provide a natural-like system that re-creates a natural sunlight environment like when the sun moves through the sky. This is one of the best ways to insure success with your own reef set up.

The two most common lighting solutions used for the reef aquarium are fluorescent and metal halide. Fluorescent lighting is cheaper and works well for those aquarium that are not deep. For deeper aquariums the intensity of fluorescent lighting is not enough, you might need metal halide. You will need to consider your own tank and decide which lighting will be correct.

Fluorescent lighting is available in many types and will last a long time. You may want to consider the new Power Compacts which produces a greater light intensity and will help your aquarium growth. These have a life span of up to two years and are economical to purchase.

The most intense lighting is metal halide. If your reef aquarium tank is deep that is a much better option because this lighting can penetrate depths beyond twenty inches. Metal halide can also help to beautify your tank by producing sparkling glitter lines. This is a nice attractive feature of the metal halide lighting that your do not achieve with fluorescent lighting.

The technology of lighting is getting better and they are now much more energy-efficient than ever before. This will save you money and energy costs. Because lighting is so crucial for your tank you should spend any extra money you have on good lighting choices. This will pay dividends for the success of your tank and will provide you with hours of joy and amusement. It would be in your best interest to do some reading and research into the lighting process with a reef tank.

The best thing a beginner can do is talk with your local dealer, talk with other owners, and do some research and reading about the subject. If you find the opportunity, join an interest group where you can learn from others about the techniques that work for a reef aquarium. Knowledge and education are your best friends when it comes time to explore this great hobby.

Before you go, I have the detailed specifications on the Red Sea Max 130D aquarium. It’s a great one for getting started with reef aquariums.

Please thumbs up on stumble if you like this! Hi all, it’s been a while, but better late than never I guess 😉 After battling montipora eating nudibranch for 2 months, I thought I had won the fight, only to discover that a calcium overdose had slowed them down. ( I had reached 1000 instead of 400-500 we are aiming for!) So when the calcium problem got solved (still killed a bunch of corals), the nudis got back stronger than ever and ate pretty much all the montis available. So here is the tank 8 months after a heartbreaking battle that I lost. I plan on adding new corals in july, so stay tuned. Started in february 2008, 6 ft, 130g display, 70g sump, 3x MH 400W 14 000 K Hamilton lights, 1x tunze 6080, 2x hydor koralia 4, 1x koralia 1, usa current 1/3 hp chiller, reeflo 200 skimmer, ph monitor, refractometer, cheato and caulerpa in sump+ 70 lbs live rock, fans, 1x 250 watt heater, 30g water reserve, 100 gpd RO/DI, Deltec H20 salt… SONG BY PHANTOGRAM : MOUTHFUL OF DIAMONDS Thanks for all the comments, until next video, Ganzel

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