Starting the Saltwater Fish Hob

Article by Groshan Fabiola

Saltwater fish collecting is a great hobby with many rewards, but it also requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You can’t just go to the saltwater fish store, pick out a few creatures and plop them into a tank filled with water. This is definitely a much more time-consuming and expensive pet hobby than owning a goldfish, but the beauty of the fish and the rewards of maintaining this difficult environment are also much greater. Before looking for a local marine fish sale and picking the first affordable fishes you find, you will need to learn as much about this hobby as possible.

The first thing any saltwater fish hobbyist should do before actually beginning the hobby is read up about all the species and what they require to keep them happy and healthy. Some fish are able to live with each other harmoniously and some are not, so it is important to learn about this prior to putting two deadly enemies together. This way you can also peruse a marine fish sale with an idea of what you want and what you should avoid. Most hobbyists will tell you to avoid Triggerfish, for example, as they are highly territorial and will consider the tank their space if you put them in their first. In addition to fish, there are also live corals and rocks made of limestone and decomposing coral skeleton that you can add, which also require their own specific types of maintenance.

After learning about the fish and corals you want, you can begin purchasing the aquarium and all the equipment such as saltwater mix, temperature gage, filtration system, lights, skimmer, cleaning solution and more. Then you can visit the saltwater fish store and get everything you need to create this beautiful aquatic wonderland. And once it’s set up, you will need to perform all the maintenance such as cleaning and water monitoring. Then you can truly enjoy the rewards of this challenging hobby.

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