Six Popular Marine Aquarium FAQs

Article by Larry Getz

How about having a marine aquarium faq (frequently asked questions) session? Its important having answers to some questions that may be lurking in the back of your mind. Being informed before entering a pet store is half the battle in acquiring the materials necessary for your aquarium. Here’s a list of frequently asked questions and informative answers.

Are saltwater fish hard to take care of?

They can be, if you buy species that are not hardy and equipment that is not effective in creating consistent saline and temperature levels in your water. Selecting resilient breeds, like mollies, are a good first step, when first starting out as a saltwater fish pet owner.

As for the ecosystem balance in your fish tank, keep in mind that the two most important devises in your aquarium are your pump and filters. These two components are fundamental in keeping a balanced and consistent ecosystem.

What are some guidelines to purchasing a pump?

Make sure that you are not thrown by the cost of a saltwater pump. They are pricier than freshwater pumps. The size of your tank, the heat that the pump generates, and the pump’s noise level are all factors to consider when purchasing this piece of equipment.

Be wary of buying a pump that’s too large for you aquarium. This type of scenario can change the temperature of the water in your tank. This can cause problems for the fish, corals and plants in your aquarium. Your best bet is to ask for your store’s technical support if you are unsure of the correct brand and pump size.

What kind of filter is appropriate for my fish tank?

Although there are vast mounts of filters to choose from, biological filters tend to be very easy to clean. As for filter channels, they shouldn’t be to narrow, as the narrow ones tend to get clogged. Filters should be bought based on your tank size and the type of pump that you are purchasing.

What kind of fish should I purchase?

If you’re a beginner, the hardy molly is your best bet. They adjust to inconsistent pH levels and temperature fluctuations. Damselfish are also wonderful, but it is best to stick with the yellowtail and blue devil types, as the others are too aggressive and territorial for a first time fish owner. Other amazing fish include clownfish, tangs, angel fish, and lionfish.

Can you run down a list of things that I’ll need if I want to become a saltwater fish owner?

Some essentials include: de-chlorinated water, bucket(s), a hydrometer and testing jar, mildewcide or bleach, distilled water, a heater, a filtration system, plants, decorations and an appropriate size tank.

What’s an appropriate tank size?

Although stores have a huge selection of tanks in the 30 to 50 gallon range, many agree that the 55 gallon tank is optimum. Of course, measuring carefully at home is important. There’s no sense in buying the perfect 55 gallon tank if you can’t fit it anywhere.

There are dozens of questions that are frequently asked. However, the above answers should make you informed enough to walk into a pet store with more confidence and ask some appropriate technical questions.

Larry Getz is a saltwater aquarium enthusiast. Visit Saltwater Aquarium 101 for a marine aquarium faq and other resources you can use right now to setup an amazing aquarium.

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