Setting Up your Acquarium

Article by Allaric Saltzman

If you are a nature freak and love aquatic life, what could be more wonderful than having a souvenir of aquatic life right there in your living room and look at those amazing creatures whenever you want? Research suggests that having an aquarium set up in your house is relaxing and calms your nerves when you’re stressed. Moreover the aquarium becomes the special feature in your household. Kids love it and so do the grownups. Everyone becomes involved in keeping the fish healthy and safe. The work is divided and gets the family closer. Now if you are an amateur at setting up an aquarium by yourself, you can go about reading few online guides. This one serves you well too.

Before you start setting up the aquarium you must check if you have everything necessary. You would need a frame to set up your aquarium. These frames are hollow 3 sided cuboids available in glass or acrylic and in various size and dimensions. The next thing on your checklist should be a filter. A filter is necessary for adequate supply of clean water in the aquarium. Fish produce biological waste just like any other animal which must be removed from water. Or this waste may become toxic over time and eventually kill your precious fish. So a filter is needed for chemically controlled and well oxygenated water supply. And of course you need fish to complete your aquarium. Everything else needed is just an overhead to make you fish comfortable in an artificial setting and to give a particular set up to your aquarium. You may want a tropical set up or a continental one. Aquarium backgrounds provide a lot of help here. They may even have a 3 dimensional effect.

After cross checking all the items on your check list, you can go about setting up the aquarium. Firstly, place the aquarium tank at a suitable location where there isn’t too much of heat or cold. You can provide artificial fluorescent lighting if the area is too dark. Put washed gravel or sand at the bottom of the tank. Fix the aquarium background at the back of the tank. Position it appropriately. You can add live or artificial plants to the tank while keeping adequate space for the fish to swim and hide. Fix the filter and then you are good to add water to the aquarium. Add the fish and cover the aquarium to avoid any dirt or pollutant from entering the tank. Don’t forget to switch on the filter’s power supply. You now have nature’s magic at your own place. Enjoy!

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