Setting up A New Aquarium

Article by Jon Q

Keeping fish is a popular hobby taken up by many people. The amount of different options you have available to you is staggering. You can choose between a large variety of species; tropical fish, coldwater fish, saltwater fish and more. Also, the choices of aquariums you can have is just as varied. A lot of people keep fish as an ornament; a well designed and well kept aquarium can look fantastic in both the home and the work place. This article aims to lay out a few pointers on where to start if you are thinking about purchasing an aquarium and keeping fish.

Always start with a good bit of research. Setting up a new aquarium isn’t something that should be rushed into, and it will take a good amount of time to set up, and become a healthy environment in which fish can thrive. Taking trips to your local aquarium shop is always a good place to start as they will be able to advise you on your options and also the best ways to start.

What type of aquarium you decide to have can leave many people scratching their heads! The options are as varied as your imagination allows, and there are many options for having a tank custom built to fit your exact specifications. The choices of standard tanks can be just as amazing, and if purchased alongside a stand it’s quite easy to see your new aquarium as a fantastic feature for any room. Picture frame aquariums are also a very popular option, as are in-wall tanks and through wall tanks. Just make sure you consider how much space you have first, and how much space your new fish will need.

Unfortunately, keeping a healthy aquarium is a little more complicated than filling a tank with water and dropping some fish in. Picking fish on looks alone is not a great idea. All fish will have different requirements so make sure you do your research before you purchase any stock. Some fish are solitary and some like to be in shoals; others will need plant life or flowing water. Always consult with your local aquarium shop to get the best advice before you set your tank up.

Fish will rely on bacteria and other micro life forms in the water to survive, and a new aquarium will just not have these even if you add special bacteria solutions it is likely there will not be enough. So, to start with it is important you choose hardy species to make sure they survive in the new environment. For example, fish such as algae eaters should be avoided until there is enough algae for them to eat. Try to start with around 4-6 fish first and leave it at least a week before you add any more. This will allow the natural life in the tank to grow and become a place suitable for fish life.

Your local fish retailer or aquarium shop should always be able to give you good advice on buying an aquarium, setting it up and then populating it with fish. If you want your fish to survive, the biggest piece of advice is not to rush into it. Take your time, go to different shops and do your research on species and their requirements.

A freelance writer based in Guildford, Surrey.