Setting Up A Mini Aquarium

Article by Timothy Kessler

Even fish as easy to breed as goldfish need a proper fish tank. Though it might be a common misconception that one is capable of breeding goldfish in a bowl, it really is not a suitable condition to put a living creature in. Keeping goldfish in a bowl was a popular thing to do centuries ago when it was costly to have a proper fish tank but these days it is relatively cheap to buy a small aquarium complete with the important accessories that you require. A properly equip aquarium will ensure that your fish live healthily and long.

Three most important accessories that every aquarium especially a small aquarium needs are a aquarium lighting, heater and a filter. The way these three items work is by simulating the original environment from where the fish came from, providing them the highest chance of survival. Fish that are healthy will not only have vibrant colors but will also be active and pleasing to watch.

Setting Up Your Small Fish Tank

Aquarium filters work by circulating the water in the aquarium and also aerating it. In general, most filters provide up to three types of filtration; mechanical, chemical and biological. Mechanical filtration gets rid of the large debris and waste from the water which are either produced by the fish or leftover food. Biological filtration is achieved by beneficial bacteria that reduce ammonia into nitrite and then again into nitrate which reduces the toxicity level in the water. Chemical filtration utilizes activated carbon to reduce chemical traces from the water. Having a filter that provides all three filtration types will provide you the maximum cleanliness of the water.

Lighting will not only make the aquarium look beautiful, but will also provide the important element of light which most fish will appreciate. Living in a dark aquarium does at times cause fish to lose their beautiful colors. Also nothing beats watching them swim around, proudly displaying their bright colors which does tend to shine gorgeously in the light. Lighting is very crucial if you plan to have a reef tank. Coral need light in order to live and having no proper lighting will make them fade and die eventually. This is also the same case for an aquarium with plants in it. Plants need light to perform photosynthesis and if there is not enough light, they will soon wither and die.

If you plan to keep tropical fish then you will definitely need a fish tank heater. Tropical fish originate from a warm environment and if the temperature reduces, it will reduce their life span. If you don’t like the way a heater would look in your tank, you can always opt for a submersible heater for your small aquarium.

With all these accessories in mind, prepare before hand when you are ready to begin your small fish tank. It is always a good plan to buy them all at once so that they would be functioning at optimum levels when it is time to introduce the fish.

Nowadays, you will be able to buy a beginner fish tank complete with all these equipment so that you would not have to worry about buying them separately.

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