Salt Water Aquariums For Beginners: Aquarium Setup 101

Article by Karen Winton

If you wish to buy saltwater fish, the very first thing you have to gain knowledge of is starting an aquarium, specifically the right aquarium setup. This article gives an overview on salt water aquariums for beginners.

Salt water fishes or sea water fishes are ones that thrive in oceans and seas. They are much more difficult to care for than freshwater fishes. If you are planning to buy saltwater fish, you first have to become well versed on starting an aquarium, to be specific, the right aquarium setup that will not cause your pets to die immediately. Below are some facts and basics on salt water aquariums for beginners:

There are several materials or equipment that you need to include in the tank. These will make your fishes healthy and be able to live inside the aquarium, in other words, even if they’re not in their natural habitat. Aside from the actual tank, you’ll need a protein skimmer, a lighting system, a pumping system, a filtering system, not to mention, a hydrometer, a test kit, a live rock, and aragonite soil or sand, plus, the salt mix. If you do not have the budget for all these things, then, you should not buy saltwater fish.

When starting an aquarium, it is also best for you to have a large tank. You see, if you overcrowd the fishes, they’ll be more prone to developing or having disease, making them die eventually. It is best that you research or speak to the pet supply staff who specializes in aquariums, specifically saltwater ones, as to how big the ideal size for the aquarium is, as size is also important in proper aquarium setup.

Part of salt water aquariums for beginners pointers is also for you to know more about the different kinds of seawater fishes and which of them can live in harmony with each other. As much as possible, combine same sized fishes in the tank as having large ones and small ones (wherein the small fish can fit inside the mouths of the large variety) may result in the large types eating all the small types. Starting an aquarium without that much knowledge on the kinds of sea water animals, whether they can coexist with each other or not, etc, will lead to disaster.

Your aquarium setup should also follow the rule pertaining to salinity levels wherein your hydrometer should measure the level to be 1.022 or at least 1.020 up to 1.030 to ensure the good health of your pets. A temperature of about 75 up to 79 degrees Fahrenheit is also important unless you want weaker pets, stressed out fishes, and the like.

Follow the advices shared here on salt water aquariums for beginners if you don’t want to waste money, time, and effort when you buy saltwater fish – in other words, unless it’s okay with you for the fish to die, you should never ever go against the tips and tricks explained in the write-up.

Karen Winton finds salt-water animals amazing. For complete information on starting saltwater tanks, see: Salt Water Aquariums For Beginners. Want your angelfishes to live longer? Follow: Angelfish Revealed.