How To Set Up Your Own Aquaponics System That Will Grow 10X The Plants

Article by Ethan Mills

When I first heard about aquaponics I was ready to learn how to set up my own aquaponics system. Aquaponics has been around for a very long time, and I first learned about this organic growing technique about 7 years ago. It’s amazing because I saw results that produced up to 10X the vegetables and the best part is that it runs on auto-pilot, with minimal daily checks. Aquaponic systems can be made pretty inexpensive and in a variety of different ways!

I started out building my first system with a little plastic storage unit I bought from target. I used the bottom part as the fish tank. There was a pump used to cycle the nutrient rich fish water back to the top part, which was my growing bin. The growing bin included: growing medium, an aquaponic bell siphon, and of the course the tastiest herbs and vegetables around!

I eventually learned that this was a EBB (flood and drain growing method). The growing container fills slowly to the height of the bell siphon, when the water levels reaches that height the auto-siphon will kick on creating a suction draining all the water back into the fish tank. This aquaponic growing method is great because it allows the plants to feed as much as they want while getting plenty of oxygen to the root system.

I used your typical gold fish that you can purchase at any aquarium store and they worked very well. Limited the amount of light that reaches the water source is a guaranteed way of eliminating any fungus that might try to grow. I went through a lot of pit stops at the beginning, so if you plan things out ahead and know about certain problems that can occur, you are likely to get up and running pretty easy.

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