Find the Right Fish Tank Accessory for Your Aquarium

Article by Andrew Bicknell

When it comes to finding fish tank accessories there is just about everything you can imagine. Deciding what to put into your fish tank to make it look natural or just fun to look at can take a little bit of planning. You also must remember that there are several items that every fish tank needs.

There are three mandatory things that just about ever fish tank needs and these include a filter, a heater and lights. The filter is important because it is the thing that keeps the water in the tank clean and clear. Without a fish tank filter your fish will suffer from disease and even death and the water will turn cloudy and start to smell.

A heater is necessary because in most cases people put tropical fish in their new aquarium. Tropical fish live in warm water and will not live long in water that has big temperature fluctuations. A heater will keep the water temperature constant which tropical fish like best. Remember to get the right size heater for the size of tank you have. The only exception to the heater rule is a gold fish tank. Gold fish can survive in un-heated water.

Lights are important for a couple of reasons. There are fish that need the extra light to help them thrive and survive. This is especially true in salt water tanks that have corals and anemones. Lights also add to the beauty of the tank, bringing out the colors of the fish and other accessories you may have.

Once you have those three things taken care of how you choose to accessorize your fish tank is up to you. This is a personal decorating choice because for the most part any fish tank accessory you add is there to decorate the tank; they do have a few benefits to the fish.

If you have a community tank with different sized fish it makes sense to provide accessories that provide hiding areas for the smaller fish. With the right selection you can set up your fish tank much like your fishes natural habitat. This will give them the opportunity to interact with their environment just as they would in the wild.

If you are setting up a Cichlid tank then you need to be aware that many Cichlids do not take kindly to to much decoration. They will push rocks around, dig holes in the gravel, and tear up plants that you may put in their tank. If you insist on putting accessories in a Cichlid tank just be forewarned that it may be redecorated the next day.

Finding the right fish tank accessory or accessories is all up to you and what you want your aquarium to look like. Keep in mind that a more natural look will enhance the fish you have and their ability to live like they would in their natural habitat.