choosing freshwater fish for your aquarium

Article by David R. Grayson

There is nothing quite rewarding as keeping aquarium freshwater fish. Regardless if you have a large tank or a small tank displayed in any one room of your home, you’ll have a great deal of entertainment and fun when you have fish as part of your menagerie of pets. Aside from the entertainment and fun you get with watching the fish swim around in the tank, you’ll also have a thing of beauty to accent your room. With a nicely decorated and well lit aquarium, you have a nice focal point for any environment.

If you’re at the point of choosing aquarium freshwater fish, you can go with a whole variety of fish in one tank or you can keep one kind of fish. The most common ones, if they’re selected well for size will live together without any problems. The reason that size matters would be that if any of your fish are larger than the others, the smaller ones might end up as their snack. Before you know it, the tank you’ve filled with many different kinds of beautiful fish, will only have a handful left – the largest of the fish.

The most common aquarium freshwater fish to keep would be fish like cichlids, catfish, pufferfish, gar, rainbow fish, live-bearers and the like. You should understand if one species is alright to keep with another species; your goal is to keep the community of the tank calm and friendly. Let’s say you go with the gray birchir fish, while this particular species is easy to take care of, it can be a bit of a predator. You can easily solve that problem, however, with getting a bigger sized tank. What you need to remember with keeping fish would be to know their tank type, whether they’re species or community fish.

From these types, you’ll know if your aquarium freshwater fish would be great to keep with other fish or alone in the tank. As for other kinds of useful information about your fish, you will learn information tidbits here and there. For example, when you get yourself a twig catfish, there are 20 species at the least for you to choose from with that species of fish. If you want a tank with a lot of variety and color, you can always go with fish varieties like the black neon tetra, the three lined pencilfish, or the cherry barb among others.

Maintaining some species of fish will be quite easy for you and if you’ve had a lot of practice with fish, you can move on up to a more experienced level where you can take care of fish that require intermediate or more difficult care. You just have to know the basics of taking care of fish in an aquarium. From there, you can research more on freshwater fish to learn more about your beautiful and graceful pets. There’s also a lot to gain by speaking to the experts about the care and maintenance of various aquarium freshwater fish.

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