Caring For Freshwater Tropical Aquarium Fish

Article by Brian Meehan

Tropical fish aquariums have been gaining in popularity over the last few years because they’re getting easier to maintain and there is a huge variety of fish types to choose from. The care for freshwater tropical fish is less complicated than the more delicate saltwater tropical fish. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be lax in taking care of these species. Rare or not, you must always give your utmost care to each fish living in your aquarium.

Feeding Tropical Fish

Feeding your fish is as important as the water that they are living in. If you do not give your fish the nutrition they require, their health will be affected. Freshwater tropical aquarium fish can either be carnivorous, herbivorous or omnivorous. You need to know your fish classification and feed it accordingly. It is most likely that you will be keeping a variety of fish types and will need a few different types of fish food to suit

You also have to know the manner of how your fish eats so that you will have an idea where to place their food at feeding time. Fish can be top, middle or bottom feeders. Another point worth remembering is that fish should have a certain feeding pattern to follow per day. If you usually feed them at ten in the morning, then make sure that it’s done at the same time everyday. By doing all this you will be guaranteed a healthy and lively fish.

Setting up a Home for your Fish

Setting up your tropical aquarium fish is very important. You need to get the initial setup right to avoid big problems later on. What is essential is knowing the type of water to be used, the level and the pH of the water and the surrounding plant life that you plan to build. If possible, even for a beginner, get the biggest aquarium that space and budget allow. A bigger tank will allow you to keep more fish, and water quality is easier to control in larger tanks.

However, if you are working with limited space and budget or just want to get your feet wet at fish keeping before diving in, a smaller tank is an option. You will just have to keep a closer eye on water quality and avoid overcrowding the tank.

Best of luck with setting up your fish tank and hope you will be enjoying this fascinating hobby for years to come.

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