Best Tropical Freshwater Fish for Pets

Article by Rose Rykowsky

So you’ve decided on getting a tropical freshwater aquarium fish but you still can’t seem to choose what exactly you want to take care of. Majority of fish enthusiasts prefer taking care of tropical freshwater aquarium fish since many of these fishes are easier to pet.

The following is a list of popular tropical fish more common to many:

1. Angelfish- a universal favorite, the Angelfish possesses distinctly extended dorsal and anal fins and thin pelvic fins. They can be quite aggressive and territorial at times, even eating smaller fish if it fancies to. Angelfish can grow to up to 6 inches in length and can live for about 10 years.

2. Betta Fish- otherwise known as the Siamese Fighting Fish, the Betta Fish is an aggressive tropical freshwater aquarium fish, that’s why it’s advisable to keep only one of its kind. The Betta Fish is quite interesting because it has the ability to breathe air.

3. Blue Tetra- growing up to 2 inches in length, the Blue Tetra is generally a peaceful but active fish. It’s omnivorous but can co-exist with other kinds of tropical fish. When it comes to appearance, males are more visually appealing than females.

4. Clown Killfish- this type of tropical fish can live for only 3 years and grow only to 1.5 inches. Despite the short life span and its small appearance, it’s relatively easy to keep and can cohabitate with other kinds of fish.

5. Emerald Catfish- also known as the Green Cory Fish, Emerald Catfish is easy to take care of and can live with other types of fish. It can grow up to 2 inches long and can live up to 5 years.

6. Albino Tiger Barb- this tropical freshwater aquarium fish can add a definitive and colorful glow in your aquarium. It’s a very playful and active fish and it needs company to survive. An Albino Tiger Barb needs a lot of room to move around so make sure you have a big tank at home.

There are more tropical freshwater aquarium fish available in stores but it’s highly recommended that you ask fish enthusiasts and experts what is most suitable for you.

Taking Care of Your PetJust like any other kind of fish, properly rearing your tropical freshwater aquarium fish is important, especially if you want to keep these pets breathing and happily swimming in your tank. Remember to research about the individual needs of your fish and consider the varying types you’ll be putting together in one tank.

Keeping tropical freshwater aquarium fish as pets isn’t as easy as it sounds. Proper care, sufficient knowledge and research, as well as a good working budget are key components to successfully keeping them. So before you head out to the pet store, make sure you’re all set. The last thing you want is buying a tropical freshwater aquarium fish one day and finding it lifeless the next.

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