Advice on Fish Aquarium Accessories You Need to Build Your Own Aquarium

Article by Mike Day

There are two things to think about when starting to build your aquarium, the first is where you are going to site the aquarium, this will determine the size of tank you can have, and the second is what fish aquarium accessories you are going to need to build your aquarium. In this article i will explain things you should do and the accessories you will need to build your aquarium.

Once you have your tank you should know how many gallons of water it holds, as this determines the amount of gravel you will need to put in the tank, the general opinion is that you should put one pound of gravel to one gallon of water, this will be beneficial for the good bacteria you need that resides at the bottom of your tank.The one thing you must do before you add your gravel is to wash it to make sure it is clean, this will remove any harmful bacteria before adding it to your tank.

Once the gravel is in the tank, then you can start to put your plants in, or any other ornaments you have chosen to add, but do not over fill your tank with these items, you want a well balanced looking fish tank if possible so you can enjoy your new aquarium.

Before you start to add the water you will need to get some chemicals to help purify it, this will remove the chlorine and the ammonia that are no good for your fish, your local aquarium retailer should be able to advise you on what you will need for your particular area, now you can fill your tank with water and add what dosage of chemicals your retailer has advised.

You also need to get a filter for your tank, these filters are rated to work on how many gallons of water there is in your tank, i would advise buying one that is rated slightly bigger than you actually need, as this will let you add more fish to your tank in the future.

Now you can choose which fish you would like in your aquarium, there is a lot of different types of freshwater fish to choose from, go to your local retailer and view what they have in there tanks and try to imagine mixing the different types together. But be careful when choosing your fish, some fish will not be happy together in the same tank, your retailer should advise you on which sort you can put together.

Try not to over feed your fish, as the excess food will sink to the bottom of the tank and effect the good bacteria that live in the gravel, which you need to keep your fish healthy. I would also advise on cleaning your aquarium once a month, but do not change all the water as this will affect the bacteria in the gravel.

There are many more fish aquarium accessories that can help you to maintain your aquarium, you will discover these as you progress with your hobby, but at this stage just sit back and relax, and enjoy your fish in your new aquarium.

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