3 Mistakes You Want To Avoid During Fish Tank Set Up

Article by Michaelpthevip

Better to prepare beforehand than to spend hours trying to fix the damage you can do when going through a process of fish tank set up. Here are 3 common mistakes that beginners make:

1. Buying very large aquarium (or very small)

Generally it is good to have a decent size aquarium because in larger tanks the environment is more stable and any negative processes spread much slower, but you must consider Big Tank= Much work. You will have to make large water changes, cleaning will be a pain and maintenance cost high.

On the other hand small tank can accommodate less fish and plants ( decorations) and any toxic substance that gets into your aquarium will cause a serious damage to it.So it is best for start to choose a medium sized tank and in my opinion something like 20 gallon (100 liter) is nice for start.

2. Not enough gravel/soil

I mean don’t ever fill your tank with water (to 100%) when u realized that you are short on gravel, you may think to yourself ” I will add more later lets fill this thing up and see how it’s presenting” wrong! You will mess any decorations you put in may cause damage to plants ( if they don’t have enough gravel underneath them they won’t grow/ die anyways).

It is also very hard to form the surface when the water is present and remember on the back of your tank there should be 24-28 inches (8-9cm) and then sliding towards the front where you should have something like 16 inches ( 4cm) of gravel.

3. Not “cycling” your tank before adding fish

“Cycling” is a process in which the positive bacteria are made, they can neutralize dangerous compounds like ammonia ( wastes of fish , remainings of dead plants). Typically that process takes about 2-4 weeks only after that period of time (and after you tested your water) you can go ahead an buy fish. For a short article it is not possible to explain such process in details so i encourage you to type”aquarium cycling” into google and learn more about it. Stay tuned for more articles about fish tank set up.

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